Encore Wire’s Kyler Keel Rides 500 Miles for “Bike for the Light”

“Bike for the Light” is a fundraising event which has partnered with different nonprofit organizations each year for the past nine years. In the year of its inception, the event raised $10,000 for a global cause. This year’s goal was to raise $150,000 to build three new water wells in East Africa. The goal was surpassed by taking in $159,325, with more pledges on the way.

Kyler Keel, Maintenance Planning Supervisor for Encore Wire, entered this year’s event.

“The 500 mile ride took place in New Mexico, Keel says. “We started at the New Mexico/Colorado border just north of Cedar Hill, New Mexico. We road south east to Hobbs before turning southwest to finish just south of White City, New Mexico, almost to the Texas border. I rode a total of 505 miles during the five days with 11,178 ft of climb and 27 hours and 6 minutes spent on the bike.”

“This year, we had about 26 riders that rode all five days and all 500 miles. That included the pro cyclist Cale Reeder, who is sponsored by Hammer Nutrition. Hammer Nutrition sponsored our ride by providing a ton of national supplements like hammer bars, heed, Perpetuem and Endurolytes,” he relates.

“I absolutely intend on being a part of it again next year for the 10th annual ride.”

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