Energy Focus Releases New Double-Ended LED Lamps at LIGHTFAIR International 2018

Energy Focus Releases New Double-Ended LED Lamps at LIGHTFAIR International 2018


Energy Focus, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of two new tubular LED lamps at LIGHTFAIR International 2018.

The double-ended T8 and T5 High Output (T5 HO) lamps are the latest technology innovations from Energy Focus. These two products expand the company’s linear product suite, providing its customers with the highest quality LED lighting solutions for demanding commercial and industrial applications.

The T8 and T5 HO are the first lamps from Energy Focus to use Double-Ended Ballast Bypass (DEBB) technology. They represent the industry’s first flicker-free, DEBB lamps with a 10-year warranty. In order to maintain Energy Focus’ rigorous safety and performance standards, both lamps include internal circuitry to prevent potential shock hazards while installing.

The new T8 DEBB tube is a direct-wire, fluorescent replacement providing 140 LPW and operating on end-to-end power. In addition to increasing energy savings over conventional fluorescent tubes, DEBB lamps help end users save on installation and maintenance costs. The double-ended design can be plugged directly into existing fluorescent sockets, eliminating the need to replace lamp holders. This reduces installation time by an average of five minutes per lamp, dramatically reducing the complexity, labor, time and cost of large retrofit projects.

The T5 High Output lamp provides the ideal LED solution for high-bay or high-ceiling lighting applications. This lamp operates at 130 LPW and uses DEBB technology to reduce installation complexity and cost. Lumens output and beam angle are optimized to provide maximum illumination on the floor of high-bay spaces such as warehouses, factories, conference centers, auditoriums and hotel lobbies. The T5 HO is backed up by Energy Focus’ industry-leading 10-year warranty to ensure the longest lifetime and minimum maintenance in inconvenient, hard-to-reach locations.

“These new product offerings expand our lamp portfolio and enable us to better serve our customers with a full breadth of solutions to address all of their lighting needs.” said Dr. Ted Tewksbury, Energy Focus Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and President. “DEBB is a key enabling technology that reaffirms our commitment to being the LED retrofit technology solutions leader. In addition to the new T8 and T5 HO, DEBB will be used across our current and future TLED portfolio to help our customers reduce the complexity, cost and time of their retrofit projects.”

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