Engineered Products Company Unveils New Long Lasting, Virtually Maintenance Free LED Utility Luminaires

 Engineered Products Company Unveils New Long Lasting, Virtually Maintenance Free LED Utility Luminaires


Engineered Products Company (EPCO) announced that it has added a new LED utility luminaire to its line of ProSeries™ lighting products. The ProSeries “Elite” are weather-resistant IP65 rated LED Utility Luminaires available in Ceiling/Pendant or Wall Mount configurations, that produce only 79 lumens per watt, boasts 93 percent electrical efficiency, and is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

“Our new LED luminaires are high-performing, sustainable, and long lasting,” said EPCO President Jim Anderson. “Virtually maintenance free because of its LED light engine design, high-quality materials and extended lifecycle, the luminaire is a smaller size, lightweight and compact, providing a lighting option for locations where larger LED luminaires just won’t fit.”

The new ProSeries “Elite” LED Utility Luminaire blends well with existing luminaires, providing a 360-degree lumen distribution pattern that evenly distributes light, requiring fewer fixtures than traditional illumination sources. These luminaires are built with high quality materials and workmanship, and reduce energy consumption up to 75 percent. Providing white-light distribution and color rendering quality that portrays the true colors of objects with no perceptible flicker, these luminaires also lower carbon emissions packaged in a small form factor, ideal for universal building integration.

The new ProSeries “Elite” Ceiling/Pendant and Wall Mount configurations include the housing assembly, junction box and mounting lungs, LED light engine and diffuser assembly, and high temperature silicone gaskets. Additional features include: Superior LED optics that magnify lumen output and produce minimal glare; A UV resistant, precision molded polycarbonate diffuser that is 100 percent impact resistant; Solid core, pre-shrunk silicone gasket that provides a water tight seal against the ingress dirt and moisture; Durable die-cast aluminum heat sink housing, finished in a black “E” coat material is guaranteed to not rust or corrode; IP65-rating for use in damp or wet locations, and an Industry standard five (5) year or 50,000-hour warranty

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