Engineered Products Company Unveils New Magnetic Multi-Purpose Retrofit Kit for Vapor Tight Light Fixtures

Engineered Products Company (EPCO) announced the general availability of its new magnetic multi-purpose retrofit kit for vapor tight light fixtures. The kits are specifically intended for upgrading fixtures currently using fluorescent lamps, converting them into energy efficient LED luminaires.

“We strive to consistently deliver high-quality products to the market,” said EPCO President Jim Anderson. “And while our new retrofit kits are made of premium material, they are extremely affordable. It’s a great option for building owners and facility managers that may be presented with the need to install completely new lighting systems. In addition, they will see an immediate decrease in their energy consumption, providing long-term sustainable savings up to 40 percent or more. It’s a win-win.”

Created to update older four- or eight-foot fluorescent vapor tight light fixtures, the new magnetic multi-purpose LED retrofit kits enable contractors to upgrade to solid, state of the art lighting technology while using their existing vapor tight light fixtures. All retrofit kits—100 percent factory tested before they are sent out—are shipped ready for immediate installation.

EPCO retrofit kits are suitable for use in dry, damp, or wet locations. Energy-efficient with 138 lumens per watt operating on 120-127-line voltage, the magnetic mounting option enables fast field retrofits attaching directly to the vapor tight light fixture gear tray. They offer 100,000-hour rated life and a choice of two high-lumen output color temperatures: 4,000K and 5,000K.

Perfect for a variety of commercial applications including offices, libraries, airports, schools, and hospitality environments, all retrofit kits comply with local and national energy regulations, are ELT listed and meet 2020 National Electrical Codes. Additional benefits include: Reducing energy consumption by 40 percent; 8-10 minute per vapor tight light fixture installation time; five-year or 50,000 hours warranty.

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Engineered Products Company Unveils New Magnetic Multi-Purpose Retrofit Kit for Vapor Tight Light Fixtures

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