EOS Light Launches Revamped, Expanded Website

EOS Light is pleased to unveil a new website. The site now has more new products, photos, and case studies than ever before, plus faster speed and better navigation — to find needed information and tools quickly and easily.

Among its latest products are more new varieties of versatile, thin, field-cuttable LED LightPaper, including Dim-to-Warm varieties and novel “All-in-1” LightPaper which is RGB plus Tunable White.

Other products include new Deco LightPanels which are illuminated patterned metal sheets backlit with EOS LightPanels, plus LightShow Mesh Displays. LightShow Displays are LEDs connected with aircraft cable that are intended for large-format applications in order to play dynamic content (such as messaging or videos) from a distance.

To learn more about these items and more, visit the site at eoslight.com.

EOS Light Launches Revamped, Expanded Website

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