EOS Light PPE Donation Helps Underprivileged in Fight Against COVID-19

In late November, EOS Light literally donated truckloads of PPE to food banks on the East and West Coasts for distribution to the needy. Included in the massive haul were over 60,000 three-ply and KN95 face masks, 2,000 pairs of nitrile gloves, 325 face shields and 40 bottles of hand sanitizer.

These essential supplies were provided to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and A Place Called Home on the West Coast, plus CUMAC on the East Coast. Founder Kevin Krohner believes in giving back, especially during this difficult holiday season when COVID-19 is surging and the underprivileged require basics that extend beyond food, clothing and shelter into PPE, as well.

EOS Light is a Los Angeles-based, leading integrator of LED backlighting and artistic lighting solutions for Commercial, Retail, Municipality, Hospitality and Luxury Residential applications throughout the United States and abroad. Its edgelit LightPanel solutions and thin, versatile, flexible LightPaper LED sheets are among its most popular, customizable product Visi

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