EOS Light Unveils New Deco LightPanel Complete Solutions

EOS Light is pleased to introduce Deco LightPanels, the latest in a series of complete EOS Light solutions that are made to order at the EOS factory to arrive on the job site ready to install – no assembly required.

Just unpack and hang these beautifully-textured, LED-backlit metallic sheets. Add architectural distinction with your choice of dozens of standard available EOS patterns, or supply your own unique, custom design. Also on offer are classic repeating-pattern round hole or hexagon honeycomb patterns.

EOS Light Deco LightPanels are available in standard finishes to accent the LED backlighting that include black, white, “naked” brushed metal, navy, gold and five other colors. The adjacent example image shows an installation at EOS Light’s California Headquarters – divided into slices that indicate how the panels enhance a space when OFF, when set to WHITE and when displaying one of an infinite number of RGBW colors.

For more details about Deco LightPanels or any other EOS Light complete solutions, visit the newly-unpdated eoslight.com website.

EOS Light Unveils New Deco LightPanel Complete Solutions

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