Espen Technology Expands Field-Selectable Retrofit Products

Espen Technology announced the continued expansion of its line of field-selectable
lamps and retrofit kits. The industry-leading provider of LED retrofit solutions has grown its
offering of field-selectable products to include the following: 3-CCT-Selectable PL Lamps; 3-
Output Drivers With Type C TLEDs; Selectable Output & CCT Backlit Flat Panel Retrofit Kits;
Selectable Output & CCT Troffer Retrofit Kits; 3-Output Linear Bar Retrofit Kits; Selectable
Output & CCT Downlight Retrofit Kits.

In addition to all of these options, Espen has announced the upcoming release of its 5-
CCT-selectable TLED lamps. Initial stock of the new selectable lamps is expected in April of

The 12W, 5-CCT Selectable TLEDs are part of Espen’s FLEXTM family of Type B,
ballast-bypass TLEDs, operating on line voltage (120-277V). These lamps are double ended
input, making them safer during installation and removal, complete with CULUS safety listing.
The five CCT options on each lamp are 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. The lamps
can be installed on shunted or unshunted G13 sockets. Damp, dry, and cold temperature
applications are all suitable (-4° F to 113° F ambient operating temperature). The lamps come
with real glass tubes for superior optical performance, and a 5 year warranty.

“The new 5-CCT selectable TLEDs are an exciting product that will reduce inventory for
both distributors and contractors. There is a lot of market interest in them,” commented
Flemming Jensen, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Espen Technology. Jensen added, “Espen is a
leading supplier of field-selectable LED lamps and retrofit kits.”

For more information about Espen’s extensive line of LED retrofit solutions, visit:

Espen Technology Expands Field-Selectable Retrofit Products

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