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Espen Technology Offers Simple RF Remote Controlled TLEDs

Espen Technology announced the launch of its versaDim RF TLEDs, which are wirelessly-controlled, linear LED lamps, using a simple handheld radio frequency remote control.  It is as simple to use as a ceiling fan handheld remote, and can be used to dim the lights or turn the lights on and off.  Espen’s first stock will be 4’, 12W, Type B, double-ended input, LED tubes.

The simplicity of the versaDim RF lamp and remote results in many benefits: simple, push-button pairing of the remote to the lamp; avoids the costly commissioning of most wireless systems; no hassle dimming; wall-mounted charger for the remote; avoids downloading and learning mobile apps.

A new Gen 2 signal repeating function dramatically extends the range of the remote control.  The first lamp to receive the remote signal repeats the signal to lamps farther away, in a manner that can extend the control range 3 to 4 times, at least.  This new feature is ideal for remote control of larger rooms and hallways. 

According to John Clancy, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Espen Technologies, “The 4’ versaDim lamp will be the first in stock, but we plan to eventually offer 2’ and 3’ versions of the lamps, as well.”  Clancy added, “This is one of our most anticipated product roll-outs, and Espen is proud to lead the industry with such innovative products.” 

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