Espen Technology Releases High Efficacy TLEDs Up To 185 LPW

Espen Technology announced the release of their highest efficiency LED tube lamps or TLEDs.  The new high efficiency (HE) lamps have efficacies up to 185 lumens per watt (10W lamp on low ballast factor ballast). 

The HE lamps are part of Espen’s RetroFlexTM family of Type A lamps, that can operate on an existing fluorescent ballast.  This eliminates any rewiring of the fixture, and reducing labor time to a simple lamp replacement.  The lamps operate with Instant Start, Programmed Start, and Dimming Fluorescent ballasts, as well as the company’s own RetroFlex LED drivers.  They also operate on existing instant start or rapid start sockets, avoiding socket replacement.  The lamps are DLC listed.

The new HE lamps are offered in 10W and 12W models, with lumen output up to 2,560 lumens (12W model when operated on a high ballast factor ballast).  The lamps are dimmable when operated with a dimming ballast, and are compatible with other controls and sensors.  The new HE lamps have real glass tubes for superior optical performance, and are also provided with a 5 year warranty.

According to Flemming Jensen, SVP Sales & Marketing at Espen Technology, “These are some of the highest performing TLEDs in the industry.”  Jensen added, “This is another example of Espen leading the LED retrofit market.”  For more information on the new HE lamps, visit:

Espen Technology Releases High Efficacy TLEDs Up To 185 LPW

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