ETIM North America Releases Initial U.S. English Translation

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – ETIM North America (NA) is pleased to announce that the translation work conducted over the last 11 months by its two Product Expert (PE) Groups, Power Distribution/Automation & Drives and Wiring Devices/Lighting Controls, is now live.

The North American translation to “English (US)” is now viewable on ETIM International’s Classification Management Tool (CMT), with 63 ETIM Classes and their 4,200-plus feature/value combinations 100% complete.

“We’re working to complete another 300-plus more ETIM Classes that are 75% complete,” states Mary Shaw, ETIM NA’s Executive Director.  “For Classes that have not yet been reviewed, the existing ETIM English values will show in the interim.”

The PE Groups are tasked with reviewing the ETIM Model’s English—mostly developed in Europe—and translating it, where necessary, to North American terminology and appropriate grammar.  This review and translation process also helps identify products, and/or their features and values, that may be missing or different because they are specific to North America, making it usable by the companies in this region.

ETIM NA Board Chair Matt Christensen says, “This completed translation work is a starting point, with these two initial PE Groups formed based on the inaugural membership of some of the large industry players’ product areas.  The range of products covered will grow as the membership base becomes more diverse, and more product experts become involved.”

“We encourage people using the model, and our North American English, to consider becoming a member to participate in our standards collaboration effort and have their voices heard in its development,” adds David Gordon, Vice-Chair of ETIM NA’s Board.

The next PE Group, for Wire/Cable/Conduit products, releases soon. See the call to action at:

For more information on how you can be involved and participate on any of ETIM North America’s Product Expert Groups visit:

ETIM North America Releases Initial U.S. English Translation

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