Eureka Introduces Architectural Cylinder Family

Eureka Introduces Architectural Cylinder Family



Eureka announced the release of its Scout family of architectural luminaires. With nearly 20,000 combinations of color, size, functionality and geometry, the Scout family is a powerful design asset for specifiers.

Cylindrical in shape, the Scout has a simple, clean aesthetic with no visible seams or hardware. It is available in three lengths (6.25”, 10.5” and 18”), and two diameters (2.75” and 4.5”). Standard colors for the product family are pale green, gray, navy blue, black and white.

Scout can be wall mounted to provide ambiance to a space, to highlight an architectural component, or provide a dramatic effect on a textured wall. It can be suspended in high ceiling applications with a wider beam for general illumination, or with a narrow beam to focus on tables, bars and reception desks. And, it can be ceiling surface mounted to add character to a room or rhythm to a corridor.

When length, diameter, mounting type and color choices are combined with optical accessories, CCT, beam angles, output, and dimming type options, Scout becomes an essential asset for designers of any interior space.

Feature summary: Three lengths (6.25”, 10.5” and 18”); Two diameters (2.75” and 4.5”); Five standard colors (pale green, gray, navy blue, black, white); Three mounting types (wall, suspension, ceiling surface); Three beam angles (narrow, medium, wide); Regular output of 1,051 lumens (for 2.75” diameter) or 1,394 lumens (for 4.5” diameter). High output of 1,430 lumens (for 2.75” diameter) or 1,914 lumens (for 4.5” diameter); CCT of 3000K, 3500K or 4000K; Clear, frosted or honeycomb lenses; 0-10V or Phase dimming options; White or black baffle finish (no loss of output with black baffle).

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