Exclusive UL-Listed Adjustable Ring Saves Time, Slashes Material Costs

Exclusive UL-Listed Adjustable Ring Saves Time, Slashes Material Costs

Orbit Industries is the only manufacturer that makes a UL-Listed 4-11/16” Sq. Adjustable Ring. The AR Series is also available in 4” Sq. trade sizes; in 1-Gang, 2-Gang and even 3-Gang configurations. These Adjustable Rings were designed by electricians – for electricians – as a way to greatly reduce on-site planning, eliminate re-work, and simplify the ordering process.

Orbit’s AR Series Adjustable Rings feature inner-adjustment screws that benefit the contractor during every stage of construction:

FIRST: prior to stepping foot on the jobsite, the AR Ring can be adjusted to the anticipated depth, and shipped to the jobsite with a box / bracket for quick installation.

SECOND: during layout / rough-in, rings can be fully extended out to prevent the ring from being filled with drywall mud during the trim process.

THIRD: after the drywall has been finished, installers can still make slight adjustments to ensure devices are flush with the wall, complying with NEC 314.20. This adjustability can also save hours of potential re-work before inspection.

On the ordering side, Orbit’s UL-Listed Adjustable Ring Series greatly improves purchasing agent efficiency. 6 SKU numbers replace over 60 individual SKUs for fixed rings (flat, drawn, and tile) and box extenders. Construction firms that standardize on adjustable rings can reduce unnecessary trips to multiple supply houses, especially when a specific fixed ring is out-of-stock, or on back-order.

Orbit’s UL-Listed Adjustable Rings can be used in prefabrication, on commercial or residential work sites, and are just as practical in old work as well as new work applications. For instance, on a residential job, the AR Series can help avoid tile and granite overlap in kitchens and bathrooms. They’re useful outside firewalls in hotels and high-rise buildings. And they’ve proven to be time-savers in healthcare projects where drywall depths can vary from room-to-room.

These steel device rings consist of a two-piece telescoping design. The fixed outer ring can be mounted so the device is vertical or horizontal. The inner ring depth is adjusted by loosening / tightening two inner screws. These screws stay captive, so there is no chance of dropping the screw during adjustment. 

1-Gang 4” Sq. Rings offer an adjustment range of either 5/8” to 1-1/4” (4AR1G-58) or 3/4” to 1-1/2” raised (4AR1G-34). 2-Gang versions (4AR2G-58) adjust from 5/8” to 1-1/2” raised.

1-Gang 4-11/16” Sq. Rings adjust from 5/8” to 1-1/4” (5AR1G-58) raised. 2-Gang versions (5AR2G-58) adjust from 5/8” to 1-1/2” raised.

Orbit’s UL-Listed Adjustable Ring Series accepts all industry standard wiring devices, including GFCIs, and are UL Listed. To request Orbit’s latest Full Line Catalog, or to request evaluation samples for your customer, please log onto: www.orbitelectric.com

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