First Self-Testing/Self-Diagnosis Emergency LED T8 Lamp from Aleddra

Aleddra, a Seattle-based lighting technology company, sets a new industry standard with the introduction of its new self-testing/self-diagnosis Gen4 Emergency LED T8 Lamp. Forty-eight hours after the Gen4 EM tube is installed in a fixture its internal clock automatically starts. Thirty days after that the Gen4 performs the 30- second mandatory monthly test and after 366 days the Gen4 will automatically perform the 90-min mandatory annual test.

During the self-testing mode, the Gen4 EM T8 light output level will drop from 1800lm to 420lm and the LED indicator light on the tube’s end cap will begin flashing slowly which will indicate that the Gen4 EM T8 is in the testing mode. If during the testing mode a battery issue is detected, the LED indicator light will begin flashing at a very rapid rate informing the end user that the EM tube may need to be replaced.

According to the safety regulations, every piece of emergency lighting equipment must be tested for 30-second each month and 90-minute annually to validate that the battery is operating per code. The monthly and annual emergency lighting equipment tests have become, for many end users, a very labor-intensive requirement. 

The facilities emergency lighting equipment auditors will need to either manually disengage the EM tube by climbing up a ladder and removing the EM tube from its sockets OR turn off the circuit breaker, which is not a workable option for many facilities. With Aleddra’s patented Gen4 Emergency LED T8 tube, eliminates these labor-intensive tasks, resulting in a significant operational savings for the end user without compromising safety regulations.

Gen4 Emergency T8 LED Tube Features: 2 in 1 LED T8 tube – IT8 LED retrofit tube and an Emergency LED tube; Automatically – Self-testing & self-diagnosis; Manual test button; Built- in Lithium battery designed to operate for (90) minutes at 3.5 Watts; Can be controlled by a wall switch.

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