Flow Lighting Makes Debut at Lightfair International 2018

Flow Lighting Makes Debut at Lightfair International 2018


Flow Lighting, a Cloud-based Energy & Building Management company that provides Real-Time Dynamic Environmental Data, produces Commercial-grade LED SMART LIGHTS as One-Piece Kits with “Snap-In” Technology with Integrated Sensors, Controls, Logic and Secure Wireless ability. It offers both new and retrofit fixtures that can provide up to a 52% reduction in total building energy costs.

“Flow Lighting’s advanced integrated intelligence technology goes beyond lighting management functionality to provide an unparalleled smart lighting and building management system,” said company CEO James (Jay) Sheehan.

Flow Lighting’s technology provides real-time environmental data on People, Places, Things & Energy such as: People – Occupancy counts, attendance, location and more; Places – Utilization of space, wireless work orders, mapping and more; Things – Central data collection and management of Internet of Things (IoT) data; Energy – Real-time tracking and management of energy and savings.

SmartNET LED, Flow Lighting’s Cloud-based Energy & Building Management System, is comprised of an integrated smart network of our Quick LED AUTO light fixtures – each equipped with granular sensors and distributed intelligence. The fixtures can operate autonomously or in groups, floors, buildings, campuses and a wide-range of other programmable hierachies.

SmartNET LED can control or participate in the control of HVAC systems, window blinds, electrical switches, outlets and more. The integrated utility grad chip generates wireless data in real-time – monitoring exact energy consumption and actual savings being realized.

This allows information such as temperature, humidity to be accessed via secure WiFi or Bluetooth.

Flow Lighting’s 2’x4′ LED fixture can be retrofitted in less than five minutes. Through its quick connect process, no electrician is required, no scheduling is involved and no inspections are needed.

The company also offers street lighting that puts out 180 lumens per watt. Utilizing a smaller battery and solar array, the streetlight comes equipped with a motion sensor and picture camera to provide extra security. Pictures are taken every 30 seconds and are stored in the cloud.

Flow Lighting also features high-res wall packs and all products are Made in the USA.

Products are UL-listed, DLC, LED Lighting Facts and all fixtures are Department of Energy certified. They come with a limited 5-year warranty.

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