Focal Point and Legrand Work Together to Deliver Smart Building Solutions

Focal Point and Legrand Work Together to Deliver Smart Building Solutions


CHICAGO, IL. – Focal Point, LLC and Legrand North America are collaborating to deliver smarter lighting solutions for commercial spaces. Integrating Legrand’s Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system into a broad range of Focal Point luminaires as part of its Connected Solutions program allows for easy, code-compliant lighting right out of the box. This integration enables features like luminaire-level lighting control, on/off and dimming functionality, occupancy sensing, multi-zone daylight harvesting, and power metering (when enabled by additional DLM hardware).

“Our synergy has allowed us to develop lighting solutions that create greater operating efficiencies in commercial buildings, raising the bar on what people expect from their spaces while combating rising electricity costs and positively contributing to our environment. Our Connected Solutions program also includes several other leading whole building lighting control systems.” said Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer for Focal Point, LLC.

The vast selection of integrated architectural troffers, recessed linear, and suspended luminaires help achieve beautiful, harmonious spaces that connect people to their environment. As Focal Point expands its product offering, it plans to continue collaborating with Legrand to transform spaces where people live and work with the monitoring and modulating modulation of light, maximizing occupants’ comfort and providing a tool for whole building lighting management.

The synergy between lighting and the IoT is transforming industries such as real estate and healthcare, creating intelligent building solutions that deliver valuable information. The value of these systems reaches more than specifiers, contractors, and building occupants. It empowers building owners and managers to increase efficiencies, optimize performance, and deliver more comfortable environments than was ever possible before.

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