Focal Point Enhances and Expands an Already Versatile Line of Acoustic Solutions

Building on a popular product line, Seem 2 Acoustic increases options to control light and sound in a variety of applications

Focal Point continues to expand its already robust line of integrated lighting and acoustic solutions with the introduction of Seem® 2 Acoustic. Designed to provide comfortable illumination with a narrow form factor, the Seem 2 product line, now enhanced with an acoustic luminaire and unlit baffle series, offers a wide range of options to fit the various needs of an equally diverse range of spaces.

“The addition of the Seem 2 Acoustic family to our acoustic solutions significantly broadens the design options offered to lighting agents and specifiers to create impactful ceiling arrays. It is not only impactful in terms of its acoustic performance, but also with high lumen outputs and the visual impact that unique arrays have on an interior space,” commented John Dellorto, Vice President of Sales. “Our sales team is thrilled to present this new option to the market and we can’t wait to see the innovative applications and designs that will result from the use of Seem 2 Acoustic lit and unlit baffles, alone or in combination with the AirCore Blade™ or TruBlade™ unlit baffles.”

With higher lumen outputs, increased acoustic performance, and a greater visual presence compared to Seem® 1 Acoustic, Seem 2 Acoustic is ideally suited for large spaces with high ceilings. It allows for wider spacing between luminaires, achieving the desired light levels while maintaining ceiling and work plane uniformity. This also offers the advantage of reducing the number of luminaires required while helping to meet not only lighting and acoustic requirements, but also remaining within any given application’s budget.

The acoustic luminaire is also engineered with a lighting-first approach, offering all the options that lighting professionals expect from an architectural luminaire series, including powerful optics: up to 1200 lumens per foot direct and 1000 lumens per foot indirect, and the widest range of shielding options on the market for this type of product. Lambertian, wide batwing, and asymmetric light distributions are offered for direct only, indirect only, and all permutations of independently controlled direct/indirect illumination.

Seem 2 Acoustic offers a 2.5″ aperture and 3.24″ housing width, nominal 8″, 12″ and 16″ baffle heights, and 2′ to 208′ lengths in 1″ increments. Continuous runs require fewer hanging points compared to individual units and offer the added benefit of uninterrupted lensed illumination.

Focal Point offers the Seem acoustic product line in their notably wide range of color options in PET felt containing up to 50% recycled content which is Declared Certified, LBC Red List Free. Always sensitive to environmental issues, Seem 2 Acoustic also incorporates the patent pending AirCore™ Technology, an eco-friendly solution that maximizes sound absorption and reduces ecological impact with a lightweight structure that makes installation easier for every ceiling condition, including suspended, direct-to-grid, and direct-to-strut mounting options.

Seem 2 Acoustic further enhances Focal Point’s offerings that drive innovative architectural and design solutions through integrated lighting and acoustics. This new integrated linear system can be used in conjunction with AirCore Blade and TruBlade to create exciting patterns that bring life to the ceiling while quieting spaces for those who occupy and pass through them. Through the use of a common PET felt palette, it also coordinates perfectly with all other Focal Point acoustic solutions: tile systems, pendant systems, and decorative pendants, bringing unity and comfort to a variety of interiors.

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Focal Point Enhances and Expands an Already Versatile Line of Acoustic Solutions
Linear runs of custom Seem® 2 Acoustic with partial illumination enliven this modern office space.

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