Focal Point Enhances Popular Architectural Troffer Offering

Focal Point Enhances Popular Architectural Troffer Offering

Focal Point® expands its architectural troffer offering to support diverse environments, including those with high ceilings or requiring high foot-candles on working surfaces. The latest additions include higher lumen output options and 90 CRI for Facetta and Zephyr®. 

“We continue to evolve our products to meet the needs of various applications. Facetta and Zephyr offer a differentiated look that designers really appreciate, and we want to make them as versatile as possible,” remarked Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer for Chicago-based Focal Point. “The expanded lumen output options of these unique architectural luminaires respond to the market’s demand for higher lumen outputs that still deliver visual comfort.” 

The iconic Facetta, with its playful design, inspired by the facets of a prism, is unmatched in delivering a soft and balanced illumination. The addition of 4500L, 5000L, 5500L, 6000L, and 65000L for the 2’x2′ architectural troffer increases the lumen output offering to meet the needs of varied interior spaces.

Zephyr, a non-directional luminaire with a unique design, creates the impression of a floating bottom lens that delivers a uniform, diffuse illumination. Adding 4500L, 5000L, 5500L, 6000L, 6500L, and 7000L to Zephyr 1×4, and 4500L, 5000L, 5500L, 6000L, and 6500L to Zephyr 2×2 allows the smaller luminaires to deliver illumination levels often only available with larger architectural troffers. Because of its soft, yet powerful illumination and ease of maintenance, Zephyr is especially popular in healthcare and educational settings.

Both Facetta and Zephyr meet the stringent energy efficiency standards of the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) with select lumen output options.

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