Focal Point Expands Seem 1 Family with Indirect Suspended and Wall Mount Luminaires

Focal Point Expands Seem 1 Family with Indirect Suspended and Wall Mount Luminaires

Focal Point has introduced a new addition to its Seem® 1 series, Seem 1 Indirect. The newest member of the popular Seem family is engineered with both the specifier and contractor in mind to enable design flexibility and ease of installation. 

“By always listening to the market, we are continuing the evolution of the Seem product line to meet the needs of specifiers and contractors alike,” stated Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer for Focal Point LLC. “The addition of Seem 1 Indirect completes the Seem 1 family and supports diverse applications.”

Perfectly coordinated with its Seem 1 companions, the slim luminaire features a nominal 1.5″ aperture. It combines a sleek aesthetic with high performance to impart a glowing linear elegance to interior spaces with suspended and surface mount options – in individual units, continuous runs or patterns – in 1-inch increments. Additionally, multiple finishes: Black, Titanium Silver, and Matte White, as well as various lumen outputs (250 – 1250) and color temperatures provide customization options, making it ideal for commercial projects such as offices, lobbies, corridors, and educational environments.  

Installation and service are made easy with a simplified joining and alignment mechanism that optimizes the stability and straightness of patterns and continuous runs. 

The new luminaire is available with Preferred Light, an advanced LED technology that delivers lighting to effectively render color for human preference, creating more comfortable and visually appealing environments.  

Seem 1 Indirect is also backed by the Right Light™ program, with delivered lumen outputs that stay consistent as technology upgrades occur. Right Light also allows for custom programming of wattages and lumen outputs within the standard range to meet lighting power density (LPD) requirements.     

Seem 1 Indirect joins a family of linear luminaires that offer flexibility to unite a space with lines of light in a variety of mounting styles: recessed, suspended, surface mount, and wall mount. It also coordinates with the sound-absorbing companion, Seem 1 Acoustic. 

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