Focal Point Expands Seem 1 Family with Sound-Absorbing Companions

Focal Point Expands Seem 1 Family with Sound-Absorbing Companions

Focal Point is addressing needs beyond lighting with Seem® 1 Acoustic. The luminaire and baffle system, part of the company’s Acoustics Solutions program, is intended to improve human comfort and resolve some of the challenges of today’s commercial environments. The integrated system is designed to simply the specification, sourcing and installation process while procuring a unified look that enhances interior architecture.

“By always listening to the market, we are continuing the evolution of the Seem product line to meet the needs of specifiers,” stated Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer for Focal Point LLC. “Focal Point is bringing a new value proposition to the market, built around visual and acoustical comfort to enhance today’s open workplaces.”

Seem 1 Acoustic is a linear luminaire and baffle system design on the Seem 1 platform using an eco-friendly, sound absorbing housing material. The new system leverages the advanced light engine, narrow aperture, and various lumen outputs of Seem 1 while delivering a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.05. The flexible system uses patent- pending AirCore technology to maximize sound absorption.

A housing material made of 100 percent polyester containing up to 50 percent of recycled plastic bottles (PET) contributes to reducing its ecological impact and provides an ASTM E-84 Class A firing rating. The system can be specified with direct, indirect, or indirect-direct light distributions, or as an unlit acoustic baffle to achieve the desired illumination and acoustic reverberation levels with a coordinated look.

The newest addition to the Acoustics Solutions program is the AirCore Blade. The slim architectural acoustical blade that supports budget conscious projects made its debut at LEDucation 2019. It is designed and engineered using Focal Point’s patent-pending AirCore technology to acoustically outperform standard acoustical blades. Leveraging the same material and color palette as the Seem 1 Acoustic, it can be paired with Seem 1 Acoustic illuminated baffles to deliver optimal illumination and sound levels with a harmonized visual aesthetic.

In addition to expanding the acoustic portfolio, Focal Point is also introducing additional material color options. Standard, Premium and Extended color palettes enable designers to select from a variety of shades to deliver a personalized aesthetic.

“Designers are creating more human-centric environments and lighting is extending beyond luminaires,” remarked Thornton. “We are committed to providing the architecture and design community the tools to enhance architecture and elevate the human spirit. The Seem 1 Acoustic system and the AirCore Blade represent more ways we are delivering on this commitment.”

The Seem 1 Acoustic luminaire and baffle system not only delivers optimal illumination levels, it also controls sound, increasing comfort and well-being for those who inhabit the spaces. Thornton also said to expect more innovations focused around human health and well-being from Focal Point soon.

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