Focal Point’s Ori Ceiling Tile System Invites Specifiers to Explore Elevated Acoustic Terrain

With its new series of PET felt acoustic tiles, Focal Point gives specifiers the building blocks to conceive truly remarkable ceilings that enhance the architecture of interior spaces as well as occupants’ comfort. Ori’s acoustic performance, with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.1 on average, makes it a superior product to control high noise levels and reverberations in a variety of interior environments.

However, it may well be its design appeal and creative potential that compels designers to integrate Ori in their spaces.

“Ori, as the name suggests, was inspired by the ancient art of origami. Origami is at once simple and very complex,” indicated Sam Riehl, Industrial Designer. “That intrigued us. We puzzled at how we could make shapes emerge from a flat sheet of PET felt, and how we could create a collection of tiles that can associate with each other and result in completely different ceilings and ambiances depending on the combination of shapes and colors. We explored a great amount of uncharted territory, which I believe provided the inspiration behind the names of the tiles.”

Ori offers 10 design variations inspired by the great outdoors. Simple Slope 1 and 2, Dynamic Slope 1 and 2, Valley 1 and 2, Plateau 1 and 2, and Peak offer an array of shapes that can be combined to create soft undulations and sharp ridges, reminiscent of gentle rolling hills or steep rocky crests. Plain, a flush tile, is field cuttable to facilitate the integration of downlights, sprinklers, sensors, and other ceiling elements.

When it comes to lighting integration, the possibilities are endless. Due to the standard 2’x2′ format of Ori, designed for 9/16″ and 15/16″ grids, architectural troffers are natural companions. However, interesting patterns can be created with linear recessed or suspended luminaires, and pairings with pendants or cylinders have also been explored by the design team and yielded exciting results. “I’m excited to get this product in the hands of interior designers and architects,” concludes Riehl, “I think we’re going to see some phenomenal designs come to light.”

Ori can also be combined with the existing Nivo Acoustic tile and architectural troffer as it is offered in the same palette of 31 PET felt colors used across Focal Point’s portfolio of acoustic solutions.

Concurrent with the release of this new product family, Focal Point also published a 48-page design guide: Designing with integrated lighting & acoustic solutions. The piece provides step-by-step guidance in designing a space with acoustic solutions and luminaires, a wealth of information on each product in the Focal Point line, options to optimize the acoustics of an interior environment while meeting budget, aesthetic, and lighting requirements, and several case studies. Focal Point also offers the support of its team of experts for lighting and acoustic calculations.

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