FORMALIGHTING Announces Launch of New U.S. Operations – FORMALIGHTING USA

FORMALIGHTING Announces Launch of New U.S. Operations – FORMALIGHTING USA


MILAN, ITALY – FORMALIGHTING announces new operations in the U.S. that will operate under the name FORMALIGHTING, LLC and led by Managing Director, Peter Augusta. FORMALIGHTING’s USA headquarters is located in Alpharetta, Georgia and offers a full line of U.S. approved products from the FORMALIGHTING portfolio including the award-winning line of motorized architectural lighting – MOTOLUX. The motorized series of track, pendant, and recessed fixtures was awarded an “Innovation Award” at Euroshop and will be available exclusively via FORMALIGHTING’s USA sales representatives.

“FORMALIGHTING is very excited to be able to expand our international presence to North America,” said Lorenzo Maghnagi, Chairman of FORMALIGHTING. “Over the past few years we have significantly improved the performance and versatility of our international offering in the architectural lighting business.  We are excited to be able to introduce our innovative products to the North American specifier and retail market, as well as better service our global retail and hospitality clients. We have established a strong management team and innovation pipeline in the U.S. that can help grow our business, serve more customers and increase our presence and scale as a leading international company. “

FORMALIGHTING officially launched their U.S.A. operations   at the close of 2017 and continues to expand their sales representation across North America.  FORMALIGHTING is a global manufacturer of Italian designed architectural lighting systems and solutions, serving both the interior and exterior specifications markets. Headquartered in Milan and Hong Kong, with offices in China, UK and USA, FORMALIGHTING has over 50 years’ experience in designing and producing architectural lighting.

FORMALIGHTING’s comprehensive portfolio offers the architectural lighting market an accessible, high-quality, competitive range of European designed and engineered craftsman products that carry CE, CCC and UL certifications. The North American catalog will be initiated with the popular award-winning motorized line. Created for environments needing frequent scene changes, the architectural motorized line of fixtures quickly and easily re-configure a space to meet the demanding requirements of end users such as retailers, auto dealerships, hotels, restaurants, casinos, museums, and more. The innovative product line was developed to eliminate the need for ladders and scissor lifts that are normally required to adjust and refocus lighting.  The motorized range of track, pendant, and recessed fixtures can pan and tilt, dim, dim to warm and change Kelvin temperature on command. They can be controlled individually or in groups with no special equipment, giving users a level of control and time savings that translate to cost savings. FORMALIGHTING offers the most competitively priced motorized fixtures on the market using the latest lighting technologies and housed in timeless Italian design.

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