From a Nine-Year-Old Electrician to Branch Manager

A City Electric Supply branch manager, born into the electrical industry, has been an electrician-in-training since the age of nine 

FRANKLIN, NC – As the son of an electrical contractor, City Electric Supply (CES) Franklin Branch Manager Jeremy Angel entered the electrical industry at a very young age. Angel worked with his dad during summers and afternoons, whenever he needed help. And at the age of nine, one of his dad’s customers walked into a room to find him wiring receptacles all by himself. “The guy was impressed,” laughed Angel, “but I don’t think I did any more wiring on my own that day.”

Fast-forward to today, and Angel holds the position of branch manager at the CES branch in Franklin. While his passion for the electrical industry began at a very young age, it continued to grow throughout college. He worked as an electrical distributor in college and recalls a crucial moment that helped him set one of the earliest goals in his career.

“This guy would drive up in a really nice truck, get out and come in. Anything he wanted, we’d do it,” said Angel. “I said, ‘Who’s that?’ and a coworker said, ‘That’s an outside sales rep.’ I said, ‘I want to do that.’”

That dream came true for Angel in the year 2000. “I really love outside sales. I stayed doing that for 25 years,” said Angel. “My heart’s there.” And when he was offered a promotion of branch manager, he had to think twice before accepting it. “I worried about less time in the field as a branch manager,” said Angel. “When he offered me the job, I said I’d have to think about it. But it’s worked out so far.”

He has been the branch manager of CES Franklin for two months and has been able to still find time in the field. “He’s pretty much a one-man band right now. He has an operations manager, but he’s doing a lot,” explained District Manager Don Corbett. “Because of his electrical background, he understands what it’s like to be on that side of the counter. He knows that if we don’t have product to customers and these guys are delayed, it costs them money.”

Angel has used his knowledge and experience on both sides of the counter to help the customers and community of Franklin succeed.

“When you go out to lunch with him, he knows everybody in town. He’s well-liked and very personable,” said Corbett. “A community-minded guy who has done a lot for us to build in the Franklin market. He did a fantastic job as a sales rep, and he is doing a fantastic job as a branch manager now.”

“I like CES. I try not to take the autonomy for granted,” said Angel. “I guess what I enjoy most about being branch manager is that I grew up with most of the guys I sell with, and now when they call, I can answer all their questions, and I don’t have to go to anyone.”

And as for Angel’s goal for CES Franklin? Confidence. “Down the line, I want to be able to look around, breathe, and feel confident about where we are as a branch,” said Angel.

And we have no doubt Angel will reach that place. After all, he’s been a part of the Franklin community his entire life. Angel’s family has lived in Franklin for generations before him. “The CES branch Jeremy works at is in the foothills of North Carolina,” explained District Manager Don Corbett. “A lot of people come up there this time of year — leaf-lookers. It’s a beautiful, mountainous area, and it contributes to a lot of their business. One of the big needs in the area is standby generators for mountainside homes that are susceptible to losing power in the wintertime.”

With that type of community connection and decades of experience, there’s nothing the new CES branch manager will not be able to accomplish. The sky is the limit for CES Franklin.

CES employs more than 3,000 people in over 500 branches across the U.S.

From a Nine-Year-Old Electrician to Branch Manager

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