Fulham Joins CABA Together to Promote Intelligent Lighting as Part of Next Generation Building Management 

Fulham Joins CABA Together to Promote Intelligent Lighting as Part of Next Generation Building Management 


HAWTHORNE, CA – Fulham Co., Inc. has joined the Continental Automated Building Association (CABA), a global not-for-profit group dedicated to the advancement of connected home and intelligent building technology. Fulham has been developing standalone intelligent lighting management systems to supplement the company’s comprehensive line of LED lighting products. Participating in CABA will give the company a voice in the development and application of open standards for building management, especially standards for intelligent lighting controls.

While actively developing its own lighting control, Fulham also recently expanded its lighting control offering with the acquisition of Control Network Solutions (CNS), including the elitedali™ smart lighting control and management system based on the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) lighting communications standard. Fulham recognizes a growing international demand for smart lighting solutions such as elitedali, which provides total control over LED fixtures including reducing input current, managing output to optimize LED longevity, adjusting lighting to dim at a constant level, and adjusting power output to accommodate different light sources. DALI is only one of the lighting and device control standards that are shaping intelligent lighting platforms.

“The future of lighting lies in standardized systems controls, and CABA membership gives Fulham an opportunity to listen to the voices of end users as we develop products for the next generation of intelligent lighting,” said Russ Sharer, Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development for Fulham. “It also gives Fulham access to the latest building management initiatives as well as innovators who are shaping the future of building automation. Joining with CABA gives us a more active role in shaping standards for next-generation intelligent lighting and building technologies.”

Fulham also has been working with Tvilight, a Dutch technology company that develops sensors, wireless controls, and lighting management software to deliver programmable, wireless outdoor LED lighting systems. Using Fulham’s WorkHorse LED outdoor drivers with Tvilight’s real-time broadband mesh network applies an Internet of Things (IoT) approach to lighting control. Fulham’s outdoor LED drivers are fully integrated with SkyLite, Tvilight’s intelligent wireless control system, and also are compatible with CityManager, Tvilight’s cloud-based Smart City management platform.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Fulham into CABA as our latest representative in intelligent lighting,” said Ronald J. Zimmer, CABA President and CEO. “One of our most crucial functions is to educate industry stakeholders about the potential of connected buildings and the potential of interoperability as part of building controls. Lighting controls continue to be a major concern for many of our members and we anticipate Fulham will assume an important role in advancing the conversation around intelligent lighting.”

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