Fulham Unveils Much-Anticipated Programmable Germicidal UV Ballast

Fulham has recently further expanded its line with the much-anticipated launch of its very first programmable SunHorse model and corresponding display unit.

The new SHS15P-UNV-H is a 310W/260W ballast with standard default output current of 800mA. It’s field or factory programmable from 800mA to 1200mA (310W Max at 800mA – 1050mA; 260W Max at 1060mA – 1200mA). 1 or 2 lamp operation. Ballast and Lamp Operation Indicator Output. Remote ON/OFF Port Connection – Turns Output ON/OFF without removing input power to the ballast. I2C RJ12 Port Connection for future I2C communication or addition of future sensors/accessories.

The programmable ballast is compatible with the new SHS-DISP display or with the legacy Fulham SmartSet Handheld Programmer. The new Display offers: NO/NC Relay, Lamp Status 5VDC Digital Output, 5VDC Digital Input for use with Smart Ballast and Non-Smart Ballasts, future I2C Sensor Implementation, multi-ballast monitoring/control, audible buzzer alarm notifications, lamp failure and lamp hour end of life notifications, and it can operate as a standalone lamp hour counter for non-smart ballasts.

The clear advantages of a programmable ballast are multi-fold, such as versatility, SKU reduction / bulk purchase savings, convenience during component shortages, running of a wide range of lamps, UNV voltage, 30ft remote mounting ability, operation down to -20ºC, and more.

For added details about this and the entire SunHorse series of Germicidal UV ballasts, visit fulham.com.

Fulham Unveils Much-Anticipated Programmable Germicidal UV Ballast

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