General Cable Announces Electrical Distribution Channel Awards 

General Cable Announces Electrical Distribution Channel Awards 


HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY – General Cable awarded their representative sales agencies during the 2017 National Electronic Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA) Meeting, which was held in Orlando, Florida. At the annual meeting, three main performance awards were presented for accomplishments made in 2016. “These awards are given for performance that is exemplary and represent achievement that is the best of the best,” said Jerry Mattingly, Director of Sales, Electrical Distribution, General Cable.

Each year, General Cable’s Electrical Distribution Inside Sales associates select the Representative Inside Sales Associate of the Year. For 2016, the award was presented to Jeff Seltzer of Bleiman & Sons for his overall knowledge of General Cable’s products, processes, computer systems, clients and markets, and his ability to deliver outstanding customer service. In addition, Jeff has exhibited the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully grow sales and manage daily business flow.

In addition, General Cable also presented the Director’s Club Awards, which are presented to those who represent General Cable’s product offering, including Carol® Brand and STABILOY® Brand products, and are selected based on obtainment of 2016 business plan objectives. The 2016 awards went to: Archway Electrical Sales; Blomquist, Densley & Young; C.C. Pierce Company, Inc.; Casey Electric Sales; Emmco & Associates; Ewing Foley, Inc.; Lester Sales Company, LLC; Pacific Western Agencies Inc.; Stone Sales Agency, Inc.; Team Electrical Sales; Thea Enterprises, LLC; Vertex Innovative Solutions, Inc.; Young And Champagne.

The final award presented was the prestigious Representative of the Year award. To achieve this honor, the representative sales agency must first be a member of the Director’s Club for the year and then have gone on to achieve spectacular results for that year as well. The winner of the 2016 Representative of the Year was the Stone Sales Agency, Inc.

“Stone Sales is an organization that went through a transformative process in 2016,” said Al Weyland, Director of Sales, Electrical Distribution, General Cable. “It is never easy to transition from established ownership to the next generation however Stone Sales did so seamlessly and was able to deliver significant growth in metal pounds and sales dollars,” added Weyland. “Stone did a phenomenal job working their plans, communicating with their customers and delivering superior service to the marketplace and General Cable is proud to have them be our 2016 Representative of the Year.”

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