GoboLED Designated Winner in Ninth Annual Architectural SSL Product Innovations Lighting Awards

GoboLED Designated Winner in Ninth Annual Architectural SSL Product Innovations Lighting Awards



Griven USA has announced that GoboLED has been designated a winner in the Misc./Specialty Category in Architectural SSL’s  ninth annual Product Innovation Awards.  Judges refered to GoboLED as “A great product for bringing artistic vision to life.”  Each entry is evaluated on its merit by a panel of professionals representing lighting design, lighting sales and distribution, lighting manufacturing, architecture and design, and lighting publishing.

GoboLED is a solid-state luminaire that makes architectural settings come alive by projecting logos or graphics onto surfaces for visual interest or branding. Suitable applications include building facades, hospitality and entertainment venues, upscale retail establishments, museums, convention centers, and other similar environments.

Bright, accurate renditions of graphic designs or logos are projected through GoboLED’s single high-brightness 80W CoB LED and a D size dichroic glass or metal gobo.  Manual zoom and focus functions, combined with built-in beam angle tuning from 19° to 35°, eliminate the need for dedicated projection lenses, providing maximum design flexibility needed for the most demanding design and application requirements.

GoboLED provides four rotation speeds in clockwise or counter-clockwise directions when using the onboard functions, or is fully adjustable when combined with a DMX control system.  Gobo indexing is smooth and accurate.  Gobo rotation operates silently, making it suitable for even the quietest environments.  The projector features continuous 0 to 100% dimming, strobe effects up to 25 frames per second, and electronic blackout capability.

Onboard control functions allow for stand-alone automatic or master-satellite operation with multiple units or interface with external DMX controllers.

GoboLED’s housing, constructed of extruded aluminum, is 16.7” long with a cross section of 6.8” wide by 8.8” high.  Its adjustable yoke with locking hinge is fabricated from steel and allows surface mounting to the ground, walls or ceiling.  The lens is clear tempered glass.  The luminaire has a scratch-resistant polyester powdercoat finish.

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