Greenlite Introduces New ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostats

Greenlite Introduces New ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostats

Greenlite Lighting Corporation USA announced the addition of an innovative, new Greenlite G2 Smart Thermostat in cooperation with Johnson Controls, Inc.

Greenlite will leverage its 25-year history partnering with utilities to deliver the energy saving G2 Smart Thermostat series. Greenlite’s G2 ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostat complements their extensive range of residential energy-efficiency products, including ENERGY STAR LED lighting and water-saving products. The G2 Smart Thermostat will be a great addition to Greenlite’s utility customer energy-efficiency programs designed to lower residential energy usage across America. “We are extremely excited to expand into smart home technologies with such a robust product line,” stated Nina Gupta, President & CEO of Greenlite. 

Greenlite’s G2 Smart Thermostat boasts advanced energy-saving features, including effortless Home & Away Aware technology that operates through cloud-based geofencing to automatically adjust temperatures to consumers’ preferred settings once they enter their home radius. Additionally, Greenlite’s G2 Smart Thermostats are quick to install, demand response capable, compatible with Smart Home voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, and use an incredibly intuitive interface for “zero degrees of difficulty.” These are the latest innovations in Greenlite’s ever-expanding suite of energy-efficient Smart Home products. 

The new G2 Smart Thermostats will be on display at the upcoming ENERGY STAR Products Partner Meeting September 10th through 12th in Charlotte, NC.  

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September 10, 2019
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