Hirose Expands Current Rating of 17 Power Connectors

Hirose Expands Current Rating of 17 Power Connectors


Hirose has enhanced its extensive power product offering by expanding the current rating of 17 popular connectors. The higher current carrying capability allows the Hirose power connectors to be used in a wider range of applications including automotive, battery storage, consumer, home appliances, industrial automation, medical, robotics, smart grid/energy handling, telecom, and much more.

The increased current rating includes wire-to-board, board-to-board, wire-to-wire, and plug-in power connectors. For example, the DF Series wire-to-board power connectors highlight the current rating increase. Previously rated at 50 Amps, the DF60 Series can now support up to 65 Amps, while the DF22 Series current rating as increased from 30 Amp to 43 Amp. These DF Series connectors combine small size and high current capacity with user-friendly operation, and solve a number of design and engineering concerns particularly when reliability and space savings are required.

In addition, the FX30B Series board-to-board connectors current rating has been increased from 15 Amps to 25 Amps. Part of the versatile FunctionMax connector family, the FX30B Series features an innovative floating structure that offers a degree of play between the contacts during mating, allowing the connector to absorb alignment errors.

“Hirose power connectors are designed to offer unique, highly functional solutions for a wide range of demanding applications. Our high-current connectors offer safe and reliable solutions that contribute to advanced energy efficiency and sustainability, all while simplifying the design processes for our customers,” said Bill Kysiak, Product Marketing Manager for Hirose Electric USA. “We are excited to expand the current rating of 17 power connector to better support our customers and meet their application requirements.”

Additional Hirose connectors with expanded current ratings include the PS2, PS3, PS3C, PS3F, EF1, EM12M, EM35, HR41, HR41A, EM30M, EM40M, EM52M, EV2, and DF63 Series respectively.

For additional information about the power connector expanded current ratings, please visit: https://www.hirose.com/product/en/products/Power/.


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