Hubbell Wiley Introduces WCH Series Cable Hanger Family for Solar Applications

Hubbell BURNDY® introduces the Wiley Cable Hanger (WCH) family; a range of solutions providing superior steel bundle securement for solar photovoltaic (PV) applications. The innovative new design provides optimal cable support with fast and easy one-step hook installation.

The Wiley WCH family offers two hanging options:  looped through wire management holes or secured around a tracker bolt via our unique cotter pin hook design which is set at a 90° angle to align with torque tubes. Both are easy to install, ideal for use with both mono- and bi-facial panels and compatible with all common module frame geometries.

Intended for outdoor use, the round cross-section of WCH hangers ensures the cable insulation is protected from chafing in high wind or tracker movement. The product family is manufactured in galvanized or stainless steel to provide outstanding durability in all environments. These hangers should last the lifetime of the installation.

Offering bundle diameters up to 2”, WCH cable hangers hold runs of up to 20 8mm diameter wires. They are UL1565 Listed and provide a perfect solution for keeping PV installations neat, clean and free from ground hazards. WCH hangers can be used in small-scale residential applications, medium-scale commercial applications such as malls or big box stores, and large-scale PV utility applications.

For more information about Hubbell Wiley’s WCH series cable hangers, contact your Hubbell sales representative or visit:

Hubbell Wiley Introduces WCH Series Cable Hanger Family for Solar Applications

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