Hybrid Cables Designed for Indoor, Cable Trays or Harsh Outdoor Environments

Hybrid Cables Designed for Indoor, Cable Trays or Harsh Outdoor Environments

Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) has expanded its Slimline hybrid cable line which are designed to provide power to remote devices along with fiber and can be installed indoors, outdoors and in cable trays. 

The Slimline Family of hybrid cables combines a fiber optic cable with two copper conductors enclosed within the same jacket, allowing external power to essentially be “pushed” from a central location to remote devices. This enables the convenience of power and the data rates of fiber optics all in one cable. Flexible aluminum interlocking armor (ILA) provides additional protection for the cable. 

Slimline hybrids and their associated connectivity both compliment and complete OCC’s family of products designed for a variety of applications, including Passive Optical LAN (POL), security cameras, and wireless access points.  

Slimline Hybrids enable users to build out their network when the data or remote power needs exceed that of PoE and Category 6A cable, including exceeding the 100m distance limitation of PoE.  

These small diameter Slimline hybrid cables are thinner, lighter, and more flexible than typical hybrid cables. With a variety of wire gauges and ratings available, the Slimline family of hybrid cables can be configured to meet any specification today or future expansions of a network.   

The Slimline solution is ideal for commercial applications involving multiple, separated nodes or buildings or where new, data-hungry applications are continually being added to the network.  They have a very small bend radius and tensile strength almost three times that of traditional category 6 copper cable.  

The major advantages of this type of end-to-end product line includes: a high-performance fiber network that costs less to implement than copper, unlimited bandwidth potential, and a passive network that requires much less power. Additionally, single-mode passive optical LAN infrastructure can support 10G-PON networks and beyond.

The benefits of combining power with fiber have never been greater.  The Slimline hybrid cables simplifies installation and reduces costs by eliminating the need to run dedicated electric wiring and can offer a significant upgrade in performance to an aging infrastructure that experiences frequent power outages.

Visit: www.occfiber.com. 

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