IMARK Group Endorses Member Support of NEMRA Pot Standards

IMARK Group Endorses Member Support of NEMRA Pot Standards


PORTSMOUTH, NH – Recognizing the importance of NEMRA sales agents to the success of each of its members, the IMARK Board of Directors, at its recent board meeting, learned more about the NEMRA Point of Sale / Point of Transfer Minimum Reporting Standards from Ken Hooper.

As a result of the meeting and learning that 39 manufacturers / brands, many being IMARK preferred suppliers, the IMARK Board passed the following motion: “The IMARK Board of Directors has endorsed the support of the National Electrical Manufacturers Representative Association’s (NEMRA) efforts to ensure all representatives are fairly compensated for their efforts through the utilization of standardized Point of Transfer (POT) reporting for all products sold within their respective trading areas. While nonbinding, the IMARK Board recognizes the importance of NEMRA to our members’ continued success and encourages the adoption of POT standardization in support of this objective.”

The Board appreciated the fact that the NEMRA standards recognized the proprietary nature of customer information and that manufacturers, for the purposes of manufacturer representative compensation and sales management reporting, only needed zip code level information which NEMRA defines as “place of sale.”

                Ken Hooper, President of NEMRA, stated “It is gratifying that the IMARK board, and membership, see the value in ensuring that the reps who call on them are appropriately, and accurately, compensated. With the support of IMARK’s board and management NEMRA will be reaching out to members to share the standards and encourage them to individually endorse and utilize the reporting template, which will help standardize reporting for members and across manufacturers.”

Bob Smith, President and CEO of IMARK commented “As a former manufacturer I know that compensating reps for their hard work is the right thing to do, no exceptions. As an advocate for our members, I encourage all IMARK members to endorse, support and implement this initiative and then let your reps know you are helping them be compensated fairly and accurately. This will help motivate your local reps to further support your company knowing they will be properly compensated.”

To learn more about the NEMRA POS / POT Minimum Reporting Standards initiative, receive a copy of the research and standards, visit  or contact Ken Hooper at or David Gordon, NEMRA POS / POT Task Force Coordinator, at


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