Increased Efficacy and Flexibility

Increased Efficacy and Flexibility

Compact system solution for downlights – Fourth generation DLE


The fourth generation of the DLE ADVANCED module proves itself through high module efficacy and flexibility in driver selection. Users can select the most suitable LED driver depending on the application.

With 185 lm/W, the fourth generation of the DLE ADV solution has once again increased module efficacy by 12%. Costs could also be reduced at the same time. The accompanying white diffuser ensures a very uniform and neutral light appearance with a choice of 2000 or 3000 lm luminous flux and with colour temperatures of 3000 or 4000 K. Thanks to the BLO (Best LED Operation) operating mode, an optimal balance between efficacy, durability and costs is guaranteed. The LED modules are also available as a PCB model or with a Zhaga-compliant enclosure.

The high flexibility is reflected in the driver selection. Dimmable drivers or those with a fixed-output are available as independent or recessed versions. Integrated digital interfaces, such as DALI and switchDIM, also allow integration into higher-level systems or simple reduction of energy consumption via switch. A CRI of 80 and McAdam 3 ensure good colour quality and consistency. Typical areas of application are general lighting, office lighting and lighting side rooms.

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