Keeping Clients Safe from Electrical Hazards

by Chad Rinedour, CEO/Principal of Turn It On Electric, Phoenix, AZ

At home or in the office, electricity powers our lives everyday. The coffee pots we use in the morning, the heater that keeps the house warm, the lighting in the office and the television that we watch at night are all powered by an electrical source. From the moment we wake up to the time we fall asleep, more likely than not, some electrical appliance is involved in our daily routine.

Keeping Clients Safe from Electrical Hazards


As contractors, we understand the amount of electricity that is necessary throughout the day. However, most clients do not always realize just how much power is being used and how important it is that these sources are in excellent condition. Unless you are in the industry, the thought of how well power sources are working and being maintained is usually on the back burner.


Constant Communication


It is crucial that those in the industry are in constant communication with clients in order to ensure their electrical appliances are in working condition year round. Because most people don’t think about electricity until the power goes out or there is some malfunction in an electrical appliance, it is our job to ensure clients have safe electrical connections all of the time.


A great way to stay in the loop about how customer’s electrical components are running is by calling for monthly checkups on all things electric. This can be done by a monthly email blast to all of your customers and clients on what is going on in the industry or other valuable information. Building personal relationships with clients will allow them to feel comfortable when keeping you up to date with how their home or business’s electrical appliances are running. In case of emergency, you’ll be the first person that they call for assistance.


Because client’s tend to like to feel like they are apart of any installation, maintenance or repair process, sending out newsletters about hot topics in the industry is another way to stay in communication with customers. Clients will appreciate hearing about the latest and greatest in electricity, keeping you at the forefront when it comes to electrical needs.


Regular Maintenance is Key


One of the best ways to ensure that your clients are safe from any potential electrical hazards is by performing regular electrical maintenance on their appliances. Some customers believe that after consultation and installation, a contractor’s work is finished. In reality, regular maintenance is the only way that you can be sure equipment is running properly down the road.

Keeping Clients Safe from Electrical Hazards


If there is a problem, big or small, maintenance can take care of the issue before it has a damaging effect in a client’s life. Electrical hazards can be detrimental on any building in which the problem occurs. Far worse, when people are involved, the result can be serious injuries or death. Fixing a potential electrical danger before a situation arises is necessary and only possible when seeing clients on a regular basis.


Safety First


Keeping clients safe from the dangers of electricity is a tough job that is made easier through communication and maintenance of electrical appliances. Be sure to check in with your clients and help them stay safe all year long.

Keeping Clients Safe from Electrical Hazards




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