Keystone Technologies Welcomes the World with Keystone Live!

Keystone Technologies expanded the scope of Keystone Live!, its interactive demonstration, with a new, experiential space located at the company’s headquarters in Lansdale, near Philadelphia. The recently opened hall offers distributors, OEMs, contractors, sales agents, and other members of the lighting community a vision of what “Light Made Easy” – the company motto – can mean.

“Keystone Live! began as a way of virtually bringing Light Made Easy to our customers,” said Ira Greenberg, CEO of Keystone Technologies. “As these interactive presentations proved more and more essential, the logical next step was expanding the concept, so we could showcase an even wider range of our products and services. Now, with the new Keystone Live!, we have an even richer demonstration of how Keystone solutions can meet and exceed our customers’ needs.”

The newly opened center blends design and function into a truly unique experience, offering customers a way to get hands-on knowledge of Keystone products and their applications with live presenters and demonstrations. Keystone also offers Keystone Live! On Tour, a fleet of mobile demonstration vehicles that travel the country providing customized events for clients at the locale of their choice.

Keystone Live! includes creative displays of Keystone’s range of commercial and residential solutions in four primary product categories: Lamps. Keystone offers a wide range of LED lamps, including linear, HID replacement, compact LED, A-shape, decorative, spotlight, PAR, and reflector styles. Fixtures. Keystone’s popular lines of indoor and outdoor fixtures are ideal for upgrading to energy-efficient LED technology. Many are available with SKU-reducing Power and Color Select technology, which allows distributors to cut down on stocking, and contractors to adapt to end-users’ preferences by adjusting power/intensity and color temperature with the flick of a switch. Power supplies. Keystone power supplies were the first products manufactured when the company was founded in 1945. Today, reliable LED drivers and emergency battery backup solutions, which power a range of products, remain the bedrock of the business. Controls. With second-generation, field-installable screw-in motion sensors – which install in seconds – or wired PIR, microwave and daylight sensors, Keystone has controls that make commissioning and adjusting light easy and effortless.

The space is fully functional and equipped with an array of audiovisual equipment to bring the sensation of in-person attendance to clients anywhere in the world. The center is also open to customers who follow Covid protocols, and guests are welcome to schedule meetings on site.

“Keystone Live! is a wonderful opportunity for us to show off the benefits of energy-efficient LED lighting and the innovations Keystone has brought to the lighting industry,” said Josh Brown, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Distributor Sales. “We look forward to showing customers how we can partner with them to help them grow their business and provide the best products for their customers.”

Want to book a visit or request a live demonstration? Contact Keystone’s staff will be ready to bring the Keystone Live! experience to you – wherever you are.

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Keystone Technologies Welcomes the World with Keystone Live!

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