KIM Lighting Introduces the New Wall Director

KIM Lighting Introduces the New Wall Director


KIM Lighting’s Wall Director is a modern take on the legacy best-seller, and it has been completely redesigned exclusively for LED.

One of the truly unique features of the Wall Director is its -5° to +10° lockable tilt adjustment, which allows for fine-tuning to enhance textural lighting effects and photometric performance. The lower housing rotates against the mounting arm housing to provide precise adjustments without significantly changing aesthetics. At 0° the lens is totally concealed from view above horizontal with the fixture mounted in the downward position.

With -5° adjustment, the Wall Director is ideal for architectural applications where the building façade has interesting surface textures, reliefs, projections or other embellishments, and grazing the wall with light is intended to produce a dramatic nighttime effect. With +10° adjustment, designers can increase forward light throw to maximize the illumination area when mounting in the down position, or to properly illuminate large overhangs in ceilings and canopies.

The sleek and sophisticated form of the Wall Director seamlessly integrates into any application. Drawing from a classic design, but with a smaller profile, this timeless sconce offers simple, flowing lines and architectural shape. The superior materials that make up the Wall Director give it an elegant ruggedness that ensures the luminaire will stand the test of time.

The standard clear lens provides up to 17,000 delivered lumens at an efficacy range of 95 to 145 Lumens per Watt, immediately establishing the Wall Director as a spec-grade, market leader for performance and output.  The Wall Director also features a highly diffuse lens option providing a complementary mix of both great photometric performance and visual comfort.

Wall Director is a Dark-Sky approved, full cut-off luminaire when in the down position. The luminaire integrates Strike Optics™ to maximize target zone illumination with minimal losses at the house-side.  This increases luminaire spacing, lowers installation costs, and reduces energy consumption all while providing better uniformity.

Integral sensors and wireless controls ensure there is no compromise to the form factor of Wall Director. Intuitive controls capabilities include Hubbell Control Solutions’ SiteSync, which offers flexibility, ease of design, installation simplicity, and the reliability of a wireless architecture. With its pre-programmed approach, installation of SiteSync is a quick and easy process, greatly reducing the complexity, time and cost compared to typical field commissioned systems. In addition to the integrated controls, Wall Director offers a fully integrated battery backup option to meet even the toughest emergency egress requirements.

The Features and Benefits of the Wall Director include: -5° to +10° tilt adjustment;  Two housing sizes; Standard fixtures can be mounted in both up and down positions; IES Type I, II, III and IV distributions; Spot/Column and Wall Graze distributions; Dark-Sky approved in the down position in 3,000K CCT; 3,000 to 17,000 delivered lumens; 28 to 130 watts at up to 145 lumens per watt; IP66 rated optical assembly; Clear or diffused lens options;  DLC Premium and Standard listings.

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