Klein Tools’ New Hard Hats Designed for Pros – Safety, Comfort and Fit

Klein Tools’ New Hard Hats Designed for Pros – Safety, Comfort and Fit

Klein Tools introduces a new generation of Hard Hats – designed, engineered and built with safety, comfort and fit for the tradespeople who wear them every day. Ten hard hat models equip professionals with unique features to enhance user experience when working in demanding jobsite environments. Convenient accessories and replacement parts offer customization for added versatility.

All 10 hard hat models pictured above feature: 

Class E Hard Hats (Non-Vented): Non-vented design built with electricians and line workers in mind; Tested up to 20kV; for use where electrical protection is required.

Class C Hard Hats (Vente):  Adjustable vents can be opened or closed for maximum air circulation; Built for use in the general construction, plumbing, carpentry and iron worker industries; not for use in applications where electrical protection is required.

*Includes headlamp (Cat. No. KHH56220) and 3 x AAA batteries

“From a culture of innovation, Klein Tools Hard Hats were designed and engineered to address the long-ignored dissatisfaction tradespeople face when using traditional hardhats,” says Shantanu Deshpande, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “Long-term comfort and proper fit are achieved with an adjustable, open-frame suspension, coupled with a sweat-wicking band and top pad on all models. Non-vented models offer up to 20kV protection while vented models feature adjustable vents to help improve air circulation.”

For more information, visit: www.kleintools.com.

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