Kobi Electric Introduces Low Maintenance LED Economy Tubes

Kobi Electric Introduces Low Maintenance LED Economy Tubes


Kobi Electric has introduced a LED T8 Tube Series that is an ideal energy efficient replacement for outdated T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps.

The LED T8 Tubes are constructed from glass and present an affordable, low maintenance alternative for energy-gobbling fluorescent lamps that need to be replaced frequently. The LED tubs are UL classified and should be installed with non-shunted lamp holders.

The advantages of LED lighting is evident in energy efficiency and longevity ratings, and the Kobi economy tube lamps are intentionally priced competitively to maximize the value of adopting LED technology for commercial facilities. Tube lights are considered the workhorses of commercial facilities, often working long hours to produce overhead light. The Kobi T8 tubes offer an impressive 1800 lumens at only 15 watts and are designed for 120-277 VAC single ended power from mains.

Saving energy and reducing costs in commercial lighting has been a top level priority in the United States and abroad for more than a decade, and Kobi has aggressively launched several strategically priced products for commercial use. The transition away from fluorescent lighting represents an exponential energy savings as well as a substantial reduction in costs for commercial enterprises smart enough to recognize the advantages of LED technology.

“Our T8 economy tubes are exactly what they sound like – a cost effective replacement that provides our customers with all of the advantages of LED lighting products,” said Kobi Electric president Nick Peragine. “We realize tube lights are a staple in commercial and industrial facilities, and our tube lamp offering makes LED technology available for any facility regardless of size.”

These tubes have a dedicated internal driver, rendering the fluorescent ballast unnecessary and eliminating a persistent source of bulb failure, and Kobi T8 tubes are perfect for reflector-equipped fixtures and wall-mount applications. During the past year, Kobi has expanded its distribution to include the entire continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico through a network of Regional Sales Managers and sales representative agencies.

Find more information about Kobi Electric at: www.kobielectric.com.


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