L.A. Lighting’s Retrofit Solutions – The Universal Solution

L.A. Lighting’s Retrofit Solutions – The Universal Solution 


There are hundreds of LED retrofit kits out in the market, most being manufactured abroad.  But do contractors and customers want kits or solutions?  A kit can simply include LED strips connected to a driver with wires, which leaves the contractor with a lengthy install.  A solution on the other hand, takes into account all aspects of the install, from mounting to wiring, and simplifies it for the contractor. L.A. Lighting’s RGHL300 Retrofit Solution Series not only retrofits its GHL/FHL/MHL series, but can be applied to close to 95% of the modular troffers in the market in less than a five minute install, and is proudly manufactured in the USA.

L.A. Lighting’s Retrofit Solution series is not a barebones LED retrofit kit, where in some cases, are not UL certified or require mounting such as taping the LED boards up to the old fixture housing with double sided tape.  All of L.A. Lighting’s retrofit solutions are UL certified,  come complete with an LED module tray, a mounted driver, logical wiring, and TEK screws to simply drill in the tray to the housing: a five minute installation in most cases. Need some slight alterations to the gear tray so it will fit a fixture?  Need side wire channel connectors? No problem, the in-house Engineering team can accomplish this with minimal lead time.

The RGHL300 Series is currently being installed at several school districts and office buildings who say that the quality components and five minute installation is what secured the deal. Combined with the detailed installation instructions, safe and logical wiring, and easy mounting of the LED module tray to the host fixture; this retrofit solution is a no brainer. Need wireless controls and sensors for your retrofit?  L.A. Lighting can offer you a host of sensors and controls options as they partner with reputable control companies like Lutron and EnOcean to offer our clients viable, reliable, and quality products.  L.A. Lighting is your energy savings solution specialist.

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