L.A. Lighting’s VED360, the True Volumetric Luminaire

L.A. Lighting’s VED360, the True Volumetric Luminaire 


L.A. Lighting brings back a blast from the past: the volumetric lighting luminaire.  The VED360 accomplishes this with 75% down-light and 25% up-light.  It features dual frosted lenses, is DLC qualified, comes standard with 0-10V dimming, and has the capability for A/B switching and multiple lumen packages. It is available in two, four, and eight foot lengths, is row mountable, and can be equipped with optional controls and sensors.

The VED360s true strength is with its classroom lighting applications.  It is perfect in a typical classroom when suspended in rows, and can provide an average of about 50 fc at desk level with minimal system watts.  Add to the VED360 wireless controls and occupancy sensors, and schools are able to save money, energy, and maintenance time while producing superior illumination.

The VED360 is not only volumetric, but also versatile. Applications include: classroom, office, retail, and wall mount lighting applications. A wall mount installation was completed at a well-known respiratory hospital in Los Angeles where the VED360 was configured with A/B switching so each lens would have its own lumen output: an up-light output of 2000 lumens for ambient lighting, and 4000 lumens down-light for the patient. This luminaire can be applied to numerous lighting applications with a selection of mounting options, and like the rest of L.A. Lighting’s product line, it is fully customizable to your specified needs with minimal lead times.

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