Large Datacom Boxes

For installers stringing low-voltage, datacom, and fiber optics cable, it can be difficult to store slack cable loops inside typical 4” and 4-11/16” square boxes. In fact, current cable bend radius requirements set forth by Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI) actually make it IMPOSSIBLE to use such boxes. Add to that: standard 4S and 5S boxes are not “future proof” – and do not afford any room for expansion or upgrades later.

Luckily, Orbit Industries supplies two Large Capacity Data Box solutions: the 5SLB-2MKO and True 5” Square Box (T5B) Series. These oversize steel boxes provide the ample space needed to handle modern-day hospital, commercial, government and university data needs.

The first option, 5SLB-2MKO, measures 4-11/16” square and is 2-1/2” deep. It provides 49.4 Cu. In. of internal volume – roughly 17.5% more space than typical 2-1/8” deep boxes. 5SLB-2MKO offers four 3/4” to 1” and four 1” to 1-1/4” eccentric knockouts on the sides; plus two 1/2” and two 3/4” knockouts on the bottom.  Also available in a “Blue” powder-coat finish (B-5SLB-2MKO).  Blank covers available un-painted (5BC) and in blue (B-5BC). To separate data and electrical in the same box, Partitions are available for flush-to-1” (5SLP-100) and 5/8”-to-2” (5SLP-200) ring depths.

The second option is Orbit’s True 5” Square Boxes. T5B Series features two 1” to 2” concentric knockouts – a required specification that is showing up more and more in university and other institutional projects. True 5” Boxes provide 75.6 Cu. In. of internal volume – more spacious than any 5” box on the market – and more than double the capacity of a 4” square box! Installers can easily meet minimum bend radius requirements, and reduce the chance of short circuits or ground faults due to cable stress.

T5B Series consists of two different box styles and multiple accessories:

T5B-200 measures 5” square and is 3-1/4” deep. In addition to its 1”-2” KO, T5B-200 offers two sets of eccentric knockouts on the sides – 1” to 1-1/4” and 1/2” to 3/4”. On the bottom are two ground screws; one 1/2” to 3/4” and one 3/4” to 1” eccentric knockout; and one 1/2” knockout. This box is also available in a “Blue” powder-coat finish (B-T5B).  For a ready-to-install solution, specify Orbit’s SSB-T5B-200 – a telescoping wall bracket that is pre-assembled with box mounting adapter; True 5” Box; 4” ring reducer; and pre-installed screws, ready to take a 4” ring.

For electrical “home run” applications, specify the exclusive T5B-50/200. It features twelve side knockouts – consisting of four 1/2” to 3/4” concentric KOs and eight 1/2” KOs. T5B-50/200 was designed to replace 6” x 6” NEMA enclosures typically used as home run boxes, which requires manual knockout-punching with special tools.

T5B Series accessories include a True 5” Reducer Cover (T5R), enabling the installer to pair 5” boxes with readily-available 4” rings and covers. 5” Blank Covers come in un-finished (T5C) and blue (B-T5C). To separate data and electrical in the same box, Partitions are available for flush-to-1” (T5P-100) and 5/8”-to-2” (T5P-200) ring depths.

Both the 5SLB-2MKO and T5B Series are compatible with Orbit’s Flat Bracket Family and Fixed Box Mounting Bracket series. These fixed-position wall brackets and kick-in floor brackets allow for pairing of 5” square boxes with 4” rings. For an adjustable in-wall mounting solution, specify Orbit’s Simple Support Bracket (SSB-T5) and Universal Mounting Adapter with Back Support (UMA-LVBS). And for overhead work, specify Orbit’s Box and Conduit Hanger Support (BCHS) Series.

To request evaluation sample of Orbits Large Datacom Boxes, please call 1-844-909-0695, email, or log onto

Large Datacom Boxes

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