LED Outdoor Lighting Products from Sequoia Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting Products from Sequoia Lighting

In their continuing efforts to stay on the leading edge of product development, the Sequoia Lighting Corporation has incorporated LED lighting technology in their extensive line of outdoor lighting products. 

LED lighting is the latest breakthrough in extended lamp life technology and is virtually maintenance free. Lamp life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours generally exceeds two to three times that of standard HID systems. It generates a crisp white light and is low in ultraviolet rays which will not fade or damage materials. 

Sequoia Lighting offers LED lighting as an option on its roadway, industrial and commercial lighting products. Because the light source is virtually maintenance free, the lighting is perfectly suited for street lighting, bridges, tunnels and other applications.

For information on the complete line of Sequoia Lighting’s products, visit their website at sequoialighting.com.

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