Legrand Surge Protective Duplex Receptacle

Surge Protective Duplex Receptacle offers increased transient protection, reliability and protection notification (LED Indicator only). Back & Side Wire, 20amp 125volt, White.

Features include: Solid-state LED monitor has 25-year minimum life expectancy. A high visibility, wide-angle lens indicates protection is in place; LED Indication: Steady green = protected, Flashing re = not protected, OFF = no power to unit; Wrap-around steel strap for structural integrity. Auto-ground is standard, for easier installation; Impact-resistant thermoplastic exterior resists impacts and scrapes; Triple-wipe, copper-alloy contacts for superior, more dependable connection.

External screw-pressure-plate back and side wire terminals including ground with external back wire clamps (exclusive) accept #14 – #10 AWG copper or copper-clad, solid or stranded conductors. External pressure plate feature allows two conductors to be terminated by a single screw.

Thermal protection in 3 modes. 3 17mm dual pack MOVs absorb up to 340 Joules of excess energy in each leg (L-N, L-G, N-G) with 24,000 amp current handling capability for full, equal and symmetrical protection. Protection response time in less than one nanosecond.

For covering patents, see: www.legrand.us/patents. For more information please visit: www.legrand.us.

Legrand Surge Protective Duplex Receptacle

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