LG Electronics and Autani Join Forces to Deliver Robust Wireless Smart Lighting Solution

LG Electronics and Autani Join Forces to Deliver Robust Wireless Smart Lighting Solution


Leveraging their complementary capabilities, LG Electronics USA and Autani have joined forces to create an ecosystem designed to transform the way building operators and owners are running their facilities and optimizing energy management. LG’s LED Fixtures with ZigBee® HA wireless controls are now certified to work on Autani’s EnergyCenter™ software platform out of the box, creating a comprehensive wireless network that helps to create smart buildings that can be managed and monitored based on real-time information.

With this platform, LG and Autani are responding to challenges in the industry and offering clarity in a complicated arena. Building managers are under tremendous pressure to reduce energy costs and report results. Benchmark data, long unavailable, is increasingly used to compare operating cost characteristics of diverse buildings, while effective management of energy without compromising occupant comfort and functionality requires a digital transformation that is seamless and easy.

LG’s ZigBee HA wireless control-enabled fixtures and Autani’s EnergyCenter™ software platform work together to create a fully managed system, so customers can enjoy immediate energy savings from daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and scheduling, as well as optimized light levels and the convenience of secure IoT integration. Beyond working closely together to certify product interoperability, LG and Autani also provide support to ensure each customer has a successful implementation.

As an additional layer to the alliance, LG will also be reselling the full line of Autani control equipment, including a special LG ZigBee version of Autani’s Manager Appliance. With this unique resale approach, LG is the only lighting manufacturer that can provide a full suite of lighting and energy management system controls to customers in a one-stop shop.

“Efficiency, sustainability and innovation are at the forefront of each business decision at LG. We wanted to accelerate and optimize smart controls for our clients, which is why we chose to integrate Autani’s EnergyCenter with LG’s LED Lighting fixtures,” said Sean Lafferty, head of LG’s U.S. LED lighting business. “LG and Autani’s solution allows our customers to maximize their controls investment by integrating more intelligent building controls and LED lighting that can be managed and maintained on one seamless wireless network for maximum convenience.”

“Combining Autani’s best-in-class IoT solutions with LG’s innovative LED Lighting fixtures creates a comprehensive platform that gives customers the exact technology they need for any situation, as well as faster payback on their investment,” said Jim Seabury, CEO of Autani’s parent company Enterprise Solutions. “The system’s flexibility sets the stage for a single solution that manages all energy consumption in a building and provides immediate ROI to our customers through energy savings.”

For more information on LG and Autani products, please visit: www.lglightingus.com and http://www.autani.com/, respectively.

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