LG Electronics Unveils Advanced Lineup of Troffer, High Bay and Downlight LED Lighting Technologies

LG Electronics Unveils Advanced Lineup of Troffer, High Bay and Downlight LED Lighting Technologies


LG Electronics USA is introducing new energy-efficient LED troffer, high bay and downlight fixtures with ZigBee® integrated wireless technology. Customers attending LIGHTFAIR International 2017 had the opportunity to experience the latest LED fixture technologies and discover how LG’s latest LED Lighting solutions offer more flexibility and efficiency than ever before.

At LIGHTFAIR, LG demonstrated a new Retrofit option that has been added to its Simple Choice LED troffer line, offering a low-cost option for existing facilities looking to upgrade their lighting capabilities. Equipped with LG’s Sensor Connect technology, the Simple Choice Retrofit LED troffer can be programmed with customizable light levels, allowing for greater energy savings and flexibility in fixture management.

In addition to LG’s Sensor Connect wireless control technology, retrofit installers can use LG’s mobile application, available on Android devices, to group and manage features with the touch of a button. Using ZigBee® open standard protocol, the Retrofit LED troffer offers an integrated daylight and occupancy sensor with three levels of system integration, including stand-alone, group, and third party wireless controls. This allows rapid payback with energy savings from daylight harvesting, light level customization, and automatic shutoff during vacancy. LG’s new Retrofit LED troffer will be made available in 2×2 (two-foot by two-foot) and 2×4 (two-foot by four-foot) configurations as lay-in fixtures and delivers a powerful 150 lumens-per-watt (LPW) output.

Also on display was a new LG 140LPW Performance High Bay model. LG’s round, IP55-rated high bay performance model is ideal for installations in food processing facilities and gymnasiums because of its high durability and light weight.  Its IP55 rating indicates that it can be washed by a power hose and the product is also certified by NSF International, indicating it meets the organization’s strict standards for public health protection.

The new LG Performance High Bay is also equipped with LG’s VLC (Visible Light Communication) solution, which leverages photocell detection to allow retrofit installers to group fixtures, adjust light levels and daylight harvesting, set automated scheduling and manage other controls easily and more efficiently. Users can also leverage LG’s Android mobile application to group and ungroup fixtures and customize light levels, and LG’s Sensor Connect technology allows for integrated daylight and occupancy sensor controls using the ZigBee technology platform. The new LG Performance High Bay is also expected to meet the requirements for DLC Premium classification.*

Also new for 2017 is LG’s 10-inch Commercial Retrofit downlight. Now offering a range of downlight options in 6-, 8- and 10-inch sizes, LG is giving customers the flexibility to choose a solution that meets their exact needs. The new downlight is optimized with LG’s Smart Multi Sensor technology and is wireless lighting control-ready with ZigBee technology, both of which can be controlled through LG’s mobile app. The 10-inch downlight also delivers 110LPW, up from the previous generation’s 90LPW, demonstrating LG’s commitment to continually increasing the efficacy of its LED lighting products.

For more information on LG’s newest LED fixture technologies please visit: www.lglightingus.com.


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