LIGHTFAIR International 2019 Presents IoT & Connected Lighting and Light & Health Forums 

LIGHTFAIR International 2019 Presents IoT & Connected Lighting and Light & Health Forums 


ATLANTA, GA — The IoT & Connected Lighting Forum and the Light & Health Forum headline the LIGHTFAIR International lineup, exploring the potential for future connected lighting systems and the non-visual effects of light on humans. Both will take place on May 22, 2019. LIGHTFAIR International Conference is set for May 19-23, 2019 at the Philadelphia Convention Center. The Pre-Conference LIGHTFAIR Institute® is May 19-20 and the Trade Show & Conference are May 21-23.

The IoT & Connected Lighting Forum addresses connected lighting through a suggested design guide and a field study examining creation of reliable IT networks through smart lighting infrastructure, and using visible light through LiFi to carry data and information. It also addresses smart streetlights and master-planned connected cities. As the replacement of today’s lighting infrastructure with LED products offers the potential for future connected lighting systems, each luminaire becomes a point of intelligence that can share information on occupancy, activity patterns, changes in temperature or humidity, and daylight levels, as well as integrating wireless communications into the lighting system.

The Light & Health Forum, which explores the non-visual effects of light on humans, returns with new courses including addressing whether the cones play a larger role in circadian response; optimizing human physiology through tunable lighting and whether tunable lighting for health is a fad or the future of lighting design; some new recommendations for circadian entrainment; and addressing the WELL building standard provisions using daylighting and controls. The forum culminates with in an exploration of the non- visual effects of lighting for educational facilities.

Presenters and facilitators for the IoT & Connected Lighting Forum are: IoT Connected Lighting: A Design Guide:Jered Widmer; Paula Ziegenbein; Ardra Zinkon; Connected Lighting: What are the Benefits Again? A Look at a Field Study:Jennifer Brons; Jean Paul Freyssinier; Indika U. Perera; Connected Cities Now: Smart Streetlights and Master Plans for Cities:Nancy Clanton; Ann Kuczkowski; Why Smart Lighting Infrastructures Create the Most Reliable IoT Networks:  Jean Luc Bernier; Youssef Kamel; David Préville; Allison Saltzer; Bernard Tetu; LiFi: Visible Light Communications for 1-Way, 2-Way and V2V Transmission: Benjamin Azoulay; Marc Fleschen; Mohammand Noshad; Randy Reid.

Presenters and facilitators for the Light & Health Forum are: Better than Blue Light:Jay Neitz; The Role of Tunable Lighting in Optimizing Human Physiology:  Satish Agrawal; Shadab Rahman;  Light Tuned for Health: Fad or Future?George Brainard; Jill Klores; Paul Pickard;    On the Horizon: New Recommendations for Circadian Entrainment:  Mariana Figueiro; Brian Liebel; Mark Rea; Jennifer Veitch; Designing Lighting, Daylighting and Controls to Meet the WELL Building Standard:Harold Jepsen; Shengliang (Daniel) Rong; Non-Visual Effects of Light for Education:Robert Soler.

Visit LIGHTFAIR.COM/conference/keynotes for additional information about the LIGHTFAIR International 2019 Forums and Forum speakers.

For LIGHTFAIR International 2019, the Pre-Conference program will take place from Sunday, May 19 – Monday, May 20 and the LFI Trade Show and Conference will run from Tuesday, May 21 – Thursday, May 23 at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  For more information about LIGHTFAIR International, please visit LIGHTFAIR.COM

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