Linear Without Limitation: The New Pursuit from Architectural Area Lighting

Linear Without Limitation: The New Pursuit from Architectural Area Lighting


The new Pursuit™ exterior linear luminaire from Architectural Area Lighting (“AAL”) opens a world of unlimited opportunity for lighting designers.  The visible presence of section separations in linear exterior luminaires is traditionally considered necessary to achieve longer, continuous runs. Pursuit is changing this limitation. It is infinitely adaptable to complement a wide range of architectural lighting applications without compromise to form, functionality or performance.

The Pursuit housings can be connected to form an uninterrupted ribbon of light up to 150ʹ without any breaks or light leaks. Pursuit removes the need for separations by providing seamless continuous runs with IP68 end-to-end internal connections, and a continuous, external diffuser. The diffuse lens material is shipped in a coil which can then be installed onsite after multiple housing sections have been attached to one another.

Traditional exterior linear luminaires are frequently worn down by external elements. The engineers at AAL designed Pursuit to be IP65 Rated, assuring it will withstand demanding environments where dust, oil, non-corrosive material and water intrusion are concerns, thus removing the worry.

Pursuit is available in five housing lengths, 2ʹ, 3ʹ, 4ʹ, 6ʹ and 8ʹ, with Direct, Indirect and Bi-directional distributions for uplight, downlight or a combination of the two.

The guiding principle for the design of Pursuit was the need for a seamless yet flexible IP65 linear system. Designers and specifiers are empowered to connect the interior lighting design with the exterior and to highlight architectural features through the use of illuminated connectors. Independently illuminated “L,” “T” and “X” modules are available to form continuous shapes throughout application.

Designers will be happy to see precision detail has been paid to the form factor of Pursuit as it seamlessly complements the architecture, be it day or night. The 2.55” aperture size reinforces the sleek, low profile. To ensure it easily accommodates any application, Pursuit features 13 different mounting options, including pendant, cable, wall, mullion, surface, fixed arm and adjustable arm.

Historically lighting designers have been constrained to use only symmetric distributions in outdoor linear luminaires. Pursuit offers four distributions – symmetric, asymmetric, wall graze and wall wash to open up the world of opportunities.

Pursuit offers superior performance. Outputs in 500, 750, 1,000 or 1,500 lumen per linear foot are available in both the direct and indirect distributions.

Integral sensors, battery backup and wireless controls ensure there is no compromise to the form factor of Pursuit. Intuitive controls offerings range from dawn-to-dusk photocell to advanced wired or wireless solutions. The advanced distributed intelligent lighting controls provide a complete suite of California Title 24/ASHRAE compliant energy saving solutions.

NX Distributed Intelligence™ provides options for standalone and networked integrated sensor with wired or wireless connectivity and remote programmability for NX system deployments. Using a wireless mesh networking between fixtures allows secure operation for both code-compliance and effective, building-wide integration.

The Features and Benefits of Pursuit include: 2ʹ, 3ʹ, 4ʹ, 6ʹ and 8ʹ housing lengths; High comfort, seamless diffused lens; Housing sections can be joined for runs up to 150ʹ with a standard high comfort, seamless diffused lens; Up to 145 Lumens per Watt; IP65 Rated; Light Engine is independently rated IP67; NX Distributed Intelligence enabled for wireless control; Integral Battery Backup for path of egress; Available distributions: Symmetric, Asymmetric & Wall Graze and Wall Wash Distributions; “L,”“T” and “X” Illuminated connectors for custom shapes; Output up to 1,500 Lumens per Foot; Surface, fixed arm, adjustable arm, pendant and mullion mounting, wall mount options;

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