Litecontrol Introduces the Vora 50L Architectural Recessed Troffer with Edge-Lit Technology

Litecontrol Introduces the Vora 50L Architectural Recessed Troffer with Edge-Lit Technology


Litecontrol has commercially launched the Vora™ 50L architectural recessed troffer with edge-lit technology. A typical recessed LED troffer features a back-lit LED solution with a diffuser spaced away from the source. Lighting designers are frequently frustrated by the limitations associated with this standard template, which opened the door for Litecontrol to think creatively about a product that would change the paradigm.

Through laser etched, acrylic light guides, the light in Vora 50L is emitted in a uniform manner across the entire surface of the fixture. By using this unique edge-lit design, “hot spots” that plague standard troffers are eliminated without any sacrifice to performance. With efficacies up to 120 Lumens per Watt and outputs up to 8000 lumens, Vora 50L achieves delivered lumen levels at the top of the industry.

While the major contributor to light output is the side panel light guides, one of the most unique features of Vora 50L is the patent-pending, center mixing chamber. This chamber uses the excess light exiting the opposite end of the light guides and recycles that light uniformly within the center chamber. This invites the viewer to have visual access to a portion of a luminaire that is typically shielded with a diffuser. To ensure visual comfort, this is achieved without any unsightly glare.

To complement specific architectural design ambitions, a custom graphic insert can be placed onto the center mixing chamber reflector, empowering lighting designers to offer an unprecedented look to the lighting in the room. Vora 50L can accommodate custom designs and offers a portfolio of options. Anything from matching the wood finish in a space, a picture of clouds in a sky or even a branded design can be printed and installed for an even more distinctive appearance.

For a more traditional aesthetic, Vora 50L is also offered with a tri-lens look, and a straight blade baffle can be added to achieve the classic Litecontrol louver appearance. Sizes ranging from 1×1, 1×2, 1×4 to 2×2 and 2×4 allow for versatility in any space. Lighting designers are particularly interested in the unique 1×1. To maintain visual consistency, the width of the center mixing chamber is visually scaled to reflect the overall size of the fixture – 2ʺ in 1 foot widths and 4ʺ for 2 foot widths.

In an effort to demonstrate attention to detail, the finish options available on Vora 50L again break the mold from traditional troffers. While a white finish is the most common, designers will be excited to see two additional finish options – Carbon Black and Machined Aluminum – are available when a darker aesthetic is desired.

Vora 50L is the thinnest edge-lit troffer available on the market. The depth of luminaire at 2.2ʺ ensures it won’t cause plenum concerns, and the height reduction contributes to ease of installation. The unique design of the side aluminum extrusion is more than just a way to construct and attach internal components. Featuring an engineer-designed side ledge, the fixture is adaptable to any ceiling interface. From 15/16ʺ t-grid, to 9/16ʺ screw slot, the same fixture can be utilized. For 9/16ʺ t-grip applications, a single rail is attached right on the job site. All of this avoids having to swap out a new fixture if an incorrect ceiling type was selected or an on-site change is requested.

Optional integrated controls are available for Vora 50L including three modes of tunable white with SpectraSync™ and wired or wireless controls that can be scaled from standalone luminaire-based control, a small room network or a building-wide system with NX Distributed Intelligence™. These intuitive control capabilities from Hubbell Control Solutions address any code compliance needs, be it occupancy, vacancy, dimming and daylight harvesting or scheduling.

Features and Benefits of Vora include: 2ʺ depth eliminates plenum depth concerns and allows for a perfect fit in any ceiling; Adaptable frame design can fit in any ceiling type; Compatible with PowerHUBB™, Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting; High lumen output, including 6000 lm option for a 2×2 and 8000 for a 2×4, can help eliminate number of fixtures in a space; 2900 lumen output for a 1×1 can be utilized to replace a typical downlight installation; Five sizes, four visuals, three finishes; Edge-lit light guides eliminate hot spots and allow for a more visually comfortable light fixture; SpectraSync™ Color Tuning Technology available; NX Distributed Intelligence™ wired and wireless controls capability available.

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