Liteline Celebrates Forty Years of Lighting Innovations

Liteline Celebrates Forty Years of Lighting Innovations


In 2019, Liteline is celebrating four decades of providing the electrical industry with innovative, no-compromise lighting solutions that help inspire and create the places that you live, work and play.

Thanks to the support of its customers, Liteline’s journey continues today, under the same core principle in which it began forty years ago; finding a niche and doing it well. An unwavering commitment to listening to their customers has allowed them to provide industry-leading solutions that light up architectural, commercial, and residential spaces every day.

“We’re always looking to provide value to the market, grow and nurture our Liteline family, and ultimately build beautiful places.” says Principal of Liteline, Mark Silverstein.

Having guided the company to where they are today, Founder and President, Steve Silverstein announced his retirement in the summer of 2018. His children Daniel, Mark, and Sarah, who joined the company over 15 years ago, not only succeed him as Principals of Liteline Corporation, but also plan on continuing a long tradition of innovation, and inspiration.

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