Los Angeles Lighting Manufacturing Introduces LED Product Reference Guide

Los Angeles Lighting Manufacturing Introduces LED Product Reference Guide



Today, everyone uploads everything to the cloud for convenience and ease of access. Countless photos, videos, important documentations, and even your grandmother’s favorite banana nut recipe is uploaded to cloud. Most of the time we forget the information is there, everything is out of sight and out of mind. It is easy to forget what you have uploaded; or worse yet, there are so many files to search through, that finding the one document can take hours.

Life should not be that hard, nor should being able to identify which LED Luminaire is needed for any given lighting application. Los Angeles Lighting Manufacturing Company, Inc. introduces their brand-new LED Product Reference Guide, in a soft-back brochure designed to fit into the pockets, desk, and countertops for all those who are in need of Commercial and Industrial LED Luminaires.

The LED Product Reference Guide is designed to identify which LED fixtures currently offered by LA Lighting will work for your lighting project. Each page is laid out with pictures of the products, the series part numbers, and a brief description. Throughout the guide, application photos of selected projects have been included to show the performance of the fixture.

Inside the brochure, there is a conversion chart from traditional lighting to LED lighting, as well as the current LED Stock Sheets, and a list of controls and controls systems LA Lighting is able to incorporate into the fixtures. The intention of this brochure is to provide a quick simple reference guide to aid in selecting the right LED Luminaire for your lighting applications.

Contact your local electrical distributor or LA Lighting representative to obtain a copy of the LED Product Reference Guide. Visit LALighting.com for more information.






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